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For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake - Alfred Hitchcock

New on An Online Universe this week

It’s Oscar time! We made our 2012 Oscar Predictions and ranked the best picture nominees.

We reviewed the new Mark Wahlberg action flick Contrabandand the Academy Award nominated Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. We also posted snap reviews of Sleeping Beauty, Beginners, & Oranges and Sunshine.

Finally, we posted the new trailer for the upcoming movie American Reunion.

Coming up next week: Reviews of Project X, A Separation, and more. Expect a post discussing the Oscar winners, and hopefully some new trailer goodness. We will also be taking a look at our first Japanese film of the month.

We hope you’ve checked out the site and have liked what you’ve seen. Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll visit us again at

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