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For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake - Alfred Hitchcock

The doctor is out!

House to conclude it’s eight-season run in May

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2 episodes into the highly anticipated new JJ Abrams executive produced show Alcatraz, and I am floored. Not by how good it is but by how clunky it is. The female lead (Sarah Jones) is awful and has no screen presence. The script is very wooden and doesn’t sound natural. The story just doesn’t flow.

The premise is great but the pieces aren’t fitting together. I’ll give it 4 episodes, but if it doesn’t get any better then I’m out. At the moment it has a Terra Nova stink about it.

Golden Globe Predictions (TV Categories)

Part 2 of my Golden Globe predictions! Here I guess who the winners will be in the main TV categories

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Revenge -Season 1 Episode 12: “Infamy”

What a delicious episode once again. From the moment the author of the “tell all” book about Emily’s father turned up, we knew things would get ugly. A pretty spectacular episode which opened up a whole heap of possibilities for what Emily will do next. My only gripe = not enough Nolan. He is my favourite character and I love it when he is in full revenge assault mode.

Revenge - Season 1, Episode 11: “Duress”

Oh Revenge, you campy deliciousness of a tv show. I’ve been a bit worried about you these last few episodes. It seemed you had lost your way from, you know, that whole revenge plot and all.

But, i\I needed not worried. You’re back and oh, you’re so very very good. Team Nolan and Emily have made up, Tyler has lost the plot, and the divorce of the Hampton’s favourite couple is getting dirtier by the hour.

As far as guilty pleasures go, you are a scrumptious one!

Best New TV 2011

In order, here are my favourite new TV shows of 2011.

1. Boss (STARZ)

The darkest drama on TV. A look behind the dirty world of politics which could easily cause you to lose all faith in public servants and humanity. Kelsey Grammer like you’ve never seen before; absolutely mind-blowing. A 10 episode 2nd season will air sometime in 2012.

2. Game of Thrones (HBO)

What more can be said about this show that hasn’t already been said 20x over? Gritty, harsh, visceral, and extraordinarily well-acted. Season 2 is coming in April 2012.

3. Sherlock (BBC)

Technically this is a 2010 series, but it was not released outside the UK until this year. Benedict Cumberbatch (the man with the coolest name ever) plays the wittiest, most unforgiving Sherlock we’ve seen (you’re not even close in your awesomeness Robert Downey Jnr). Season 2 will be released on DVD in the UK in early 2012.

4. Revenge (ABC)

This show is my most delicious guilty pleasure. What is more fun to watch than really attractive people bringing each other down? More scandals than your office Christmas party. Season 1 now showing in the USA.

5. New Girl (Fox)

Although Zooey Deschanel is the star of the show, it really belongs to Max Greenfield who plays the ultimate awkward dorky guy, Schmidt. Lots of laughs and embarrassing situations. This is the best new comedy on TV. Season 1 now showing in the USA.

6. Homeland (Showtime)

If the idea of a newly rescued POW possibly being a traitor and having turned to the other side isn’t enough, then consider that the only person who really suspects him has a secret and self-medicated mental illness. Homeland is gripping stuff, and Danes is fantastic in this small screen role. Season 1 is now showing in the USA.

7. Up All Night (NBC)

A comedy show which I know a lot of new parents could relate too. Adjusting to having a baby seems to be hilarious and frustrating as hell. Maya Rudolph is fantastic as Christina Applegate’s friend and boss (think Oprah but funny).


Revenge is a new ABC drama starring Brother and Sisters actress Emily VanCamp.

After 2 episodes it is my favourite new Fall drama.

I would describe it as Twin Peaks meets The OC/Gossip Girl. 

Set in The Hamptons, the show starts off with a murder scene and then re-sets 12 weeks earlier to the beginning of the summer. Although the people don’t know her, Emily knows them and she is set on exacting revenge to right past wrongs.

FRINGE - Season 4 promo trailer.

4 week until it is back!! I am so looking forward to this.


Top Gear - Interceptor Title Sequence

Staring 3 excellent moustaches with men attached.

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